Tower Cranes

Designed for use in confined areas or in conjunction with other cranes, the flat top tower cranes are well-suited for heavy lifting and placement duties in the most challenging applications. These type cranes enjoy efficient set-up procedures that allow them to get working quickly. They are easy to assemble and subsequently easier to maintain.

COSTA GROUP, LLC works with SAEZ CRANES, and other brands and models of tower cranes to offer the best suited piece of equipment for your jobsite and type of work to be performed.

Your experience with a crane supplied by COSTA GROUP, LLC does not end with the purchase of our products. We have highly qualified and experienced technicians at your disposal to

provide maintenance and training when and where required.

COSTA GROUP, LLC has been involved in sales, rental, installations and service of tower cranes since 1975. Its factory trained technicians have handled about every possible situation or malfunction that can possibly take place with one of these units. That is what makes us capable of handling situations in the field no matter where the equipment is located. Our personnel can handle installations in remote environments, where the availability of tools and equipment is not always the best.

We service cranes installed on construction of hi-rise projects, as well as permanently installed cranes.