Rail Maintenance Depot Equipment

Train Car Lifting System
Deep Pit Car Lifts With Body Stands

The rail shop equipment products represented by COSTA GROUP, LLC form a complete line of lifting and accessory equipment for the maintenance and servicing of transit cars and locomotives. COSTA GROUP, LLC represents an impressive range of rail maintenance depot equipment, jib cranes and associated peripherals. Thanks to its quality of service, the company enjoys long-standing relationships with some of the most prestigious names in the rail transport equipment industry.

Rail Shop Equipment

This equipment is designed so that rail vehicle repairs can be performed in an efficient manner to allow these vehicles to be put quickly back into service, while at the same time providing a safe work environment for maintenance shop personnel. This equipment consists of a wide range of products, which allow rail shop personnel to lift, turn, rotate and otherwise move rail vehicles and truck assemblies for inspection and maintenance purposes. Our specialized personnel are available to assist project consultants and rail system personnel in designing the special equipment and facilities needed in these rail system maintenance shops; from the early stages of each project, up through the actual installation of the equipment.

Customer Partnership

COSTA GROUP, LLC works as a member of the customer’s design team from the beginning of the project, providing support for the owner, consultant and end user. Our manufacturer's extensive experience with custom-designed structures allows us to concentrate on the innovation required for a specific project, while minimizing customer risks. COSTA GROUP, LLC assists the engineering departments of the consultant and/or end-user to develop tailored applications and writing and defining the specifications where required. We also work with those groups to adjust the product design as necessary to reduce not only the upfront product and installation costs, but also reduce the long-term operating and maintenance costs associated with that project, in order to maximize its long-term return on investment.


Field engineers or technicians can be on site when the customer's equipment is being installed and commissioned, so that they can personally supervise the installation of this equipment to ensure it is installed and operating properly.

Undercar Handling
Bogie Storage Systems
Access Platforms

Service and Support

The same work that goes into quality installations also applies to parts and service over the long life of the products we represent. Our customer service department is committed to not only ensuring that downtime is minimized or eliminated, but also with providing the latest advances in appropriate product upgrades to all installations. Our technicians are factory trained on the full product line in both new and older equipment models.