Parts & Services


Costa Group’s parts stock helps customers avoid downtime and keeps equipment operating at full capacity for as long as possible. We have a selection of assemblies and components including contactors, gearboxes, motors, PLC’s, VFD's, sheaves, jibs sections, mast sections, etc. Here you will find all your aftermarket parts; ready for your order.


COSTA GROUP, LLC is leader in supplying construction and industrial cranes, crane components, hoists, hydraulic jacks / lifts, harbor cranes and materials handling equipment. Services, in particular maintenance and refurbishment services, are another key element of the Group’s business activities.

COSTA GROUP, LLC provides state-of-the-art material-flow solutions that make it possible to optimize production processes, reduce storage and transport costs, cut delivery times and improve workplaces. To meet the needs of our customers, Costa Group, LLC has chosen from the manufacturers they represent, a unique product range in which everything fits together. Materials handling components and equipment are specified in our analysis in such a way that they can be used as solo components, as well as modules used to create complex integrated system solutions.

COSTA GROUP, LLC offers all of the services that allows you to keep the customer's crane installations, hoists and components in operating condition. We offer the services of maintenance, inspections and repairs. Therefore, the customer always benefits from a ready-to-go fleet of equipment and an efficient operation.

COSTA GROUP, LLC can provide routine maintenance to the customer's equipment, as well as the modernization and refurbishment of crane and hoist installations. Requirements often change during the long service life of a piece of equipment, therefore, concepts are needed for the corresponding modifications. Our people and their knowledge of the main concepts ensures that you can always use your equipment and components safely and efficiently.

COSTA GROUP, LLC provides all the services required throughout the product life cycle of both the equipment supplied by us, as well as third-party installations.

Emergency Parts Needed?

Have an emergency? We have what you need, regardless of what you see posted for sale. Don't see what you need, or want us to do the legwork? Contact us.

New Parts

We maintain inventory for Tornborgs, Stros and other Personnel/Materials Hoists; as well as parts for several brands of tower cranes.